The path to your dream

At some point we all had a dream. We wanted to be someone “when we grew up.” And of course, as a young child your dream is tied to which person or job you think is the coolest. But what about when you’re older? Old enough to know your likes and dislikes, and old enough to discern that small voice within you that is trying to point you in a certain direction. You know deep within what you want to be, or who you want to be, but sometimes we allow our circumstances, or other people, to dictate what our outcome is. We listen to cultural norms of what dreams are “accepted” or “cool.” We slowly start to deny that voice inside that is trying so hard to guide you. We continue to silence it. Sometimes for far longer than we should.

Then one day we realize we’re tired of following someone else’s dream. We want to be exactly who we’ve always dreamt we’d be. And that’s when the fire ignites. That voice within comes roaring back with a big “ABOUT TIME!”

But where do we go from here? We have walked so long and far in the wrong direction that we aren’t quite sure how to get back. This is a major turning point for us; either give up because we’re unsure of how to start, or push through and reap the benefits.

“A tremendous amount of research shows that people tend to maintain motivation, give more effort, and achieve higher performance when they are held accountable for their outcomes, are evaluated more often, and have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise or gain respect from those they serve.” – Brendon Burchard

Find your tribe. Share your dreams, goals, and ambitions with them. If you’re embarking on a new journey of self-discovery, trying again to find what lights a fire within you, surround yourself with individuals who are going to lift you up. Find those people who will hold you accountable along the way, who will celebrate your achievements as if they themselves had also achieved them. You need people in your life who uplift and motivate you. You need hope and love to be poured into you while you travel on this long and difficult journey. With a team of support behind you the hard path will feel worth it, and they’ll be there to help you succeed.