Why EVERY diet has worked for me

Are you confused by all of the diets floating around today? Names like Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Mediterranean, Bulletproof (etc. etc.), are constantly being promoted and pushed into my newsfeeds, it is enough to make a girl go crazy, am I right?! But if we’re being honest (girl, I know the truth), we’ve tried at least one of these diet trends during our quest to a healthy weight. So, what is the problem?

These diets are failing you…or rather, you are failing the diet.

You’re doing your best – you’re exercising like you’re supposed to and watching what you eat like you’re supposed to and yet for some reason the weight is staying right where it’s at, clinging tight to your body despite your hard efforts of trying to get it off. And just when you’re about to give up on exercising and eating healthy altogether, a new diet pops up in your news feed. Desperate for results you tell yourself (yet again) that you’re going to give this one a try.

Fast forward a few weeks into another new diet and one of two things happens, either you give up because you aren’t getting the immediate results like you thought you would, or you give up because this diet is a lot of work to maintain (and lets be real, they always are). But right about this time yet another diet pops up in your news feed and you decide to give that one a try, because maybe this is the one that will finally give you the results you are begging for.

New Diet + No Immediate Results + Lots of Work = Try New Diet. Rinse and Repeat.

But Britney, your title says that every diet you’ve tried has worked for you, how can that be? How come I can’t seem to get even one diet to work for me?

There has only ever been one diet that hasn’t worked for me and that was the seefood diet, because when I see all of the food I eat all of the food and apparently that isn’t great for weight loss, who knew??

All humor aside, yes, all diets have worked for me. Depending on which season of life I was in, I’ve been Vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, Bulletproof, Low-carb, and High-carb – you name it, I’ve probably tried it. So what is my secret to all of these diets working for me to lose weight? Well, its actually probably two secrets- preparation and consistency.

Preparation and consistency? THAT is the big secret?? You can’t be serious!? Yup, I sure am!

Everything takes preparation. Everything. Even going through a drive-thru takes some element of preparation, you have to plan to make that time of ordering/sitting in the drive-thru/eating work in your schedule. Eating healthy will require some work in the beginning because these concepts are fairly new to you. You’re probably not used to planning and making yourself a lunch, dinner or snacks, but this is one of the KEY things to making any diet work for you. Preparation. It doesn’t matter which diet you choose, planning ahead and having meals and snacks already prepared is vital to making any diet a success.

Failing to plan is typically the turning point of when diets begin to fail.

Which brings me to my next key secret, consistency. Consistency. No diet is going to work overnight. None. Zilch. Zero. If someone tells you they lost all of their weight overnight, or even within the first week or two, you should highly question their methods.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to not give up. You HAVE to stick with it. You have to give yourself (and your body) time to adjust and adapt to the new changes you are making with your food. It takes time. It takes consistency. Preparation and Consistency. Preparation and Consistency. Preparation and Consistency. Is it sinking in yet?? These two secrets are the exact reasons that no matter which diet I chose to follow they all worked. All of them. Every single one of them. Because of preparation and consistency.

Do not give up if you have an “off” day.

Don’t throw away your entire day (or diet) if you made a decision to eat a giant piece of cheesecake for lunch. You wouldn’t pop the rest of your car tires if one of them was flat, would you?! No! So why throw in the towel on a good day just because you had an unhealthy meal or snack? Just keep going and be sure to make a healthier decision at your next meal or snack. And remember, these things take time. The weight WILL NOT fall off overnight. I repeat, WILL NOT, fall off overnight. You didn’t put all of the weight on in a day, and it won’t come off in a day. But, I promise that if you can follow these two (not so secret) secret tips I’ve given you that you will have results, regardless of which diet you choose to follow.