When you’ve lost your motivation.

You’re in a rut. Whether that rut is exercise related or in life, you’re in a funk and you can’t see a way out. You think back to when you last felt like you “had it all together,” and a longing starts festering in your heart. You’re not quite sure how you got to this point, feeling like life is too busy to workout or get anything else done. Slowly, this longing for an easier and less hectic time begins to grow inside of you. Those feelings begin to overpower your every thought and action, and you think you’ll never be that productive again so I might as well not even try.

The rut struggle is real.

We aren’t quite sure how we reached a point of no longer being able to squeeze in our workouts or meal prep for the week, but we’re neck deep in the struggle of trying to overcome our lack of motivation so that we may once again return to our supposed ‘having-it-all-together’ lifestyle.

But before I unpack our lack of motivation, I would just like us to take a minute and really look closely at the time in our lives where we thought we ‘had it all together.’ Because I don’t know about you, but I have never in my life been able to keep up with all of the things on my to-do list, even on my most productive days. So even though we may look back on our past and feel like we once were able to ‘do it all,’ I can guarantee you that we felt just as lost and strapped for time back then as we do now. So I ask that you give yourself some grace during this rut-period and try not to compare your life now to what you feel like it may have once been. Because you’re a different person now than you were a week, month, or a year ago. Which means you’re going through different life events and obstacles than you once were. And we always remember our past differently than it actually occurred. We focus mostly on the main highlights that stick out and forget the rest. Which means we may remember us getting all of the things done on our list, when in reality it wasn’t like that at all.

Which leads me right into our lack of motivation. Motivation itself is different for everyone. Something that might motivate me would do nothing for the next person. It is all about perspective. But this is important to keep in mind when you’re out there searching for something to motivate you, it doesn’t always come from outside stimuli, sometimes it has to come from within. What lights YOU up? What gets YOU excited and ready to tackle the day? Whatever it is that gets you going and helps put a little extra pep in your step is something you should be adding into your daily routine. If it’s music, play that music right away in the morning to get you amped for your day. Or maybe it’s a special quote that you read that lights a fire within you. Whatever it is that gets YOU up and moving needs to be something you practice continuously. These little moments of fire-building is what is going to push you up and out of the rut-struggle. And then, eventually, you’ll have clawed your way to the top of that rut and can stand firmly on solid ground. Those moments will immerse you in fresh motivation and you’ll be ready to tackle your goals.

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